Questions You Might Have

I’ve had a few questions here and there about where I’m living, what I’m eating, and those sorts of things so I thought I would answer some of them here! As always, feel free to comment and ask me any additional questions.

1. Where do you live? Jason and I are living in an apartment about 1.5 miles off base. It is the perfect distance for walking, biking, and not too expensive to take a taxi on rainy days.

2. What is the transportation like? We don’t have a car here, but everything is pretty accessible! Sometimes we take taxis, but mostly we just walk everywhere. Once you get into big cities like Seoul they have a public bus system that is not too complicated. The travel agency on base provides transportation to trips and the like, and several of Jason’s buddies have cars in case of an emergency.

3. Have you had any Korean food yet? Some! I have tried Kimchi, and it’s not exactly my favorite thing ever. Jason loves it though! In one restaurant, we had a dish where you cook your own pork, cut it into pieces, and then eat it like a wrap inside of lettuce with rice and bean sprouts. It was ooooober yummy!!!

4. What kind of household appliances are different in Korea? Get this… the toilet has a seat warmer. It kind of freaks me out a little. Every time I sit down to, you know, it feels like someone else has been there before me… ALSO the dryer and washing machine are a combo! They are in the same machine. It’s very weird. And we have a key pad on the door (WITH a video camera to see who’s at the door!!!) instead of keys.

5. Do they have any americanized restaurants? YES! They actually have a lot. Baskin Robins, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds. And get this… McDonalds delivers. Yes. There is a little yellow motorcycle that will bring heart-attack chicken nuggets straight to your door. You don’t even have to waste the energy to get into your car. I don’t understand why Koreans are so skinny. Actually, yes, I do. I walked 11 miles yesterday back and forth from the base! WUT.

And lastly, for your pure enjoyment: this adorable puppy doggie whom I have named Andy without the owners knowledge.



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