What I learned about Castles

Well, I will be totally honest. The inside of the castle of Landshut was underwhelming. But according to Jason, going to see castles is more about the landscape around the castles than the castle itself. Sure it is cool to look up from the street and see this: 



Super cool! But the inside of the castle was more like a large balcony… made of stone. So been there, done that. However, the view outside the castle was what made the trip worth while! It was such a peaceful place. Jason and I loved sitting at a small cafe inside the castle and looking out over the scene for quite some time. 




So it turns out castle trips are totally worth it! If you are willing to breathe in some gorgeous scenery and just take a break. The truth about castles is that you don’t always have to be moving and going somewhere to have a good time! Sometimes you can just enjoy what is right in front of you. 


Visit to Trier

Today Jason and I visited Trier, which was my first real sight seeing trip in Germany! It has some really beautiful, very old sections in the city. 

We visited The Porta Nigra, which is a large Roman city gate. It is the oldest defensive structure in Germany (1700 years old!). 




Kind of hard to miss.

We also couldn’t help but pass through the town square which was filled with all sorts of goodies!



And finally, we visited The Church of our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche). This is the oldest gothic church in Germany built in the 13th century. 



It was such a beautiful day outside after so many days of clouds and rain! I can’t wait to see where we visit next. 

Willkommen auf Deutschland… Finally!!!

After many struggles, I finally made it to Germany! Let me give you a little update into what all occurred on the trip over. It is definitely by God’s grace that I am here!

My flight was scheduled in Baltimore for Monday, May 5th at 5:30pm. The plan was that I would graduate in Anderson on Saturday, and Dad and I would drive part of the way to Baltimore on Sunday. Graduation went wonderfully. Dad and I and my brother drove back to York, SC, and had an AMAZING dinner at a Thai restaurant called Basil in Charlotte. All seemed like it was going smoothly. I thought I had everything planned perfectly.

Until (dun, dun, dun) I realized that I left my wallet in Anderson. Military ID. Drivers License… not okay. I wouldn’t be able to get on base in Germany. Dad saved the day and drove me back up to Anderson Sunday morning, and we turned right around and drove back to York. Whew!

With one crisis averted Dad and I made our way to Baltimore, a little later than anticipated but no worse for wear. Little Chloey Bears made the trip wonderfully, and Dad and I arrived in Baltimore on Monday around 1 pm. Dad patiently helped me build Chloey’s crate, and then helped me get signed in at the front desk. Then we said our goodbye’s and dad headed back home.

4 hours later, I made a friend in the airport terminal! So glad I did…. At 5:30 385 military personal climbed onto a plane ready to go to Germany for the next 3-4 years of their lives. 6:00 the plane is taxying down the run way. 6:30 we are headed back to the terminal… *sigh* Mechanical issues. An hour later they had everyone get back off the plane. We waited in the terminal until about 10:30 at which point they told us that they were giving us hotel and food vouchers for the night – we weren’t getting out of there.

Disappointed and tired, but trying to be positive, my friend Rachel and I got a hotel room and settled in. I am so thankful she was there – it would have been really difficult to take care of getting Chloey transported to and from the airport by myself!

Tuesday dawns and all 385 of us tromp back to the airport… only to find that because we have changed to a bigger plane we now don’t have a pilot to fly us to Germany. Pray. Pray. Pray. That’s all we did for an hour and a half! Thank the Lord, they did find a pilot! Everyone in the terminal cheered when he walked in. Probably the best he’s ever felt before flying a plane.

This time, no more mishaps! We took off. We flew. We landed. Boom!

I cannot tell you how great it felt to land in Germany. I will post some pictures and the like another time, but for now, Auf Wiedersehen!